Financial support

Under certain circumstances, in addition to advisory, placement and networking services, you may also be eligible for financial support through the Returning Experts Programme.

You are a citizen of a developing, emerging or transition country. You have a valid residence permit for Germany. What is decisive for financial support is the development policy significance of your application and your personal qualifications, including your training /education and professional experience. You must register online prior to your departure from Germany. If you wish to apply for financial support for travel and transport, you must apply for this, too, before your departure. There is no legal entitlement to support.

Financial support is offered for experts returning to the following priority countries : Afghanistan, Albania, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Georgia, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Senegal, Serbia, Tunisia, Ukraine and Viet Nam, and also for Palestinian returnees.

If you would like to take a job that is particularly important in terms of development policy in a developing, emerging or transition country other than those listed, we would be glad to review the possibility of assistance. Please telephone us for further information and advice.


Allowances for travel and transport
This standard allowance may be received only in combination with a salary topping-up payment. The standard allowance amounts to a maximum of EUR 1,000 per person, but the amount actually granted will depend on the country to which the expert is returning. After departure from Germany, applications may no longer be submitted for the travel and transport allowance. Family members may only be considered for the allowance if they leave Germany for the same destination country up to six months prior to or following the departure of the applicant and if an application has been submitted for them in advance of their departure.

Salary topping-up payments
The amount of the topping-up payment depends on: Topping-up payments are made for a maximum of 24 months. The amount paid will depend on the development policy significance of the position and the total local salary paid. In the event that you have not yet found employment, you may submit your application up to 12 months following your departure from Germany. No topping-up payments will be accorded for a job you held before you came to stay in Germany unless you are returning to a more highly placed position with the same employer.

Allowance for an internship
Support is available for internships posted by CIM that serve as occupational preparation for a priority country either following or just before completion of a course of study. A standard payment of EUR 300 per month can be granted for a period of up to six months. In certain instances, exceptions may be made for internships not posted by CIM if they are of exceptional relevance in development policy terms.

Interview allowance
Candidate Returning Experts may apply for a standard allowance of EUR 400 for travel to an interview with a prospective employer in a priority country. As a rule, a written invitation to the candidate suffices as confirmation of the necessity of such travel. The invitation must come from a professionally relevant employer and must be for an interview or a period of employment on a trial basis with a view toward a permanent position.


You should receive an email with further information on how we can support you within two weeks of submitting your online registration.

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A decision cannot be taken on your application until all relevant documents have been submitted. For this reason you are advised to submit the application in good time, before your departure from Germany, if possible several months before you plan to leave.


Even if you have fulfilled all of the formal criteria, you are not automatically entitled to financial support. Selection always takes place in line with the current development policy situation and in light of budgetary feasibility and constraints. Preference will be given to persons: For further information about procedures, please see >FAQ.